The Wild Ride, 47Km, 4hours

Our most popular morning tour takes you to the edge of the Amari Valley and offers you magnificent views over the lake Potami from high above. On this trip we do not stop at one specific site for a visit, instead, we allow for many shorter photo stops. We will drive our quads amidst the wild nature of Rethymno and if we are lucky we should spot some griffon vultures that can often be sighted in the area we are passing through. With a wingspan of 2.6m and a body length of up to 1m, these birds are the largest to be found on Crete. From the high edge of the Prasses Gorge, we drop down in altitude towards the Potami dam for a full circuit around the lake. Right next to the lake we will stop at a small kaffinio where you can get a refreshment and visit the toilet. Afterwards we head up to high above the lake again, to reach our trip’s highest altitude of 620m. Crossing the peak, we will then follow the other side of the mountain back to our departure point.
Includes water and a sandwich.

Price: 70e for driver, 40e for passenger.
Includes pickup and return in the Rethymno area.
2021 > Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Ancient Crete, 49Km, 4hours

Our second safari tour takes you to two of the most famous locations in the Rethymnon area, Arkadi monastery and Ancient Elefterna. You will follow our leader over a wide selection of small roads, rural roads and dirt tracks. Our first stop will be at Elefterna, where you can enjoy a refreshment and walk around the oldest excavation site of Greece. Afterwards we drive on small dirt paths through the mountains to the foot of Mount Ida. A short stretch of comfortable asphalt brings us to the Arkadi monastery for our second stop. Leaving Arkadi we will leisurely make our way back towards our quad departure point, stopping often for taking pictures.
Includes water and a sandwich.

Includes pickup and return in the Rethymnon area.
2021 > On special request for larger groups

SunSet Tour, 42Km, 4hours

Drive off into the sunset! Our third trip offers you a relaxing ride into the sunset. This is a evening safari and ends with amazing views of the sunset over Rethymno. Via narrow roads, dirt paths and asphalt, our leader will guide you to viewpoints high above the Potami damn and Rethymno. From the highest point of the tour (620m) we drive down for a visit to the Potami dam. The route will take us back up to a amazing viewpoint above Rethymno. Here we will stop for an appetizer and enjoy the local taste of Raki at the highest restaurant in the Rethymno area while we watch the sunset. After the snacks we will slowly make our way down to the departure point.
Includes appetizers and a local Raki.

Price: 65e for driver, 45e for passenger.
Includes pickup and return in the Rethymno area.
2021 > Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Rethymno bicycle Tour

Take a relaxing ride through the town of Rethymno.
Visit the Fortezza castle, the Venetian harbour, the Kara Mousa mosque and the old town
On our 4hour tour we will take you past many of the interesting sights that Rethymno has to offer.
The experienced guide will lead you through the city and will show you many sights that are normally overlooked.

The Arkadi Trip

This bike tour takes you to the Arkadi Monastery.
With our new and well kept bikes you will drive through the green nature of Crete.
On the way we have several stops for taking pictures and a small rest before continuing towards Arkadi.
At Arkadi we will take a 1 hour break so you can visit the monastery. On our way back we will make a stop for refreshments.